Jute Twines, Ropes and Cords


Jute Twines, Ropes and Cords


Are you looking for jute thread, string, twine, rope or cording?

Here is our collection of useful strings, some ideas to enhance your decor!

Our collection of jute twines, cotton strings or 2 fibres jute/cotton is available in different sizes.

Our range of jute yarns is 100% natural and carefully produced by using high-quality raw material.

Our eco-friendly customized ropes is designed for many different uses: for your creations, pouches and promotional bags, crafts, sewing, but also for agriculture. Jute twines are very convenient for gardening because they are biodegradable and in harmony with the environment. You can attached most of your garden plants with jute strings or even sew or repair your jute bags where you are storing your fruits and vegetables.

Our product range also includes shoelaces, cords or strings of cotton, nylon, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, etc.

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