Ideas for a rustic burlap Christmas


Ideas for a rustic burlap Christmas


It’s December already! This magical month where Christmas is traditionally celebrated, a period when we all become a little "better" person ;).
This is the month of ideas and interior arrangements to make your home cozy in a very special way. A celebration that begins with these preparations for your guests, to delight your loved ones on Christmas Eve.


During this period, we do everything to find time to flip through magazines, to have a glance at window shop decorations or to surf the web ... in order to find original adornment items and pretty Christmas postcards to decorate our home. A special atmosphere that brings back childhood memories and Christmas tales in a magic dream that only our child's eye could see.

This magical decoration is still easily achievable. Deyute offers you an overview of these original ornaments. Here are some ideas of how you can use jute fabric to celebrate a warm Christmas Eve with a very cheap material.

Christmas burlap bags

You can present your Christmas gifts or sweets in packed dyed jute bags, selecting your favorite colour. We suggest you to add to these bags some jute strings or ribbons together with decorative twigs, jingle bells, etc. These cute bags can be put under the Christmas tree, around the chimney. Another nice idea, is to place burlap little bags filled with Christmas sweets in the centre of the table. It is more than likely that your guests will enjoy this beautifully avalanche of candies.
Even if they are in small bags, pouches or sacks, we are convinced that these packing will embellish your table and delight your family and friends.



Jute ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree.

If you are tired of the same old Christmas tree, here is the solution! You can use jute ribbons and Christmas balls covered with jute cloth. Many other Christmas ornaments can be made with this natural, eco-friendly fibre, such as bird, angel, tree, star, pine cone, acorn decorations, etc... Make your imagination come to life and create a friendly atmosphere according to your inspiration.




Burlap wreaths

Christmas Eve is to welcome warmly all the family. A decorative hessian wreath on the front door suggests that your home breathes and is plugged in a Christmas atmosphere. These burlap wreaths can be simply made of natural jute in different textures or with a mix dyed jute and the whole garnished of decorative elements. If wreath is not your thing, you can opt for the burlap star version too. Of course, any geometric shape can be extrapolated for these examples. Taste and colours... ;)



Burlap wrapped decorative candle jars

What’s more characteristic than decorating your home with jar candles, vases ... all lit up. Just go out and see how, at this time of the year, all is decorated with Christmas lights. Small fireflies that bring us to a warm and pleasant home, where we feel protected from the cold and the snow outside, where it gets dark so early. An haven of peace where we feel good surrounded by our loved ones. Feel free to fill your home with cute little places and disconnect from the rest of the world for a moment.



Christmas burlap garland

Here is another idea to decorate your chimney, making sure the fire is not lighted ... Hang on the wall a decorative garland near the Christmas tree. Or even better, surround your tree with a garland showing a beautiful message of Merry Christmas. Decorate it with jute yarns, twines, necklaces or strings. You can also set a garland near the gifts to welcome Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men. Find this little corner where to display this message and let’s celebrate Christmas party!


Christmas table decoration ideas

Many more ideas, from jute cutlery pouches to table runners, a creative and rustic touch to adorn your table and surprise your guests. In natural or dyed burlap, make your table special. You can add natural elements such as twigs, pine cones, nuts ... to give a more welcoming appearance.


Christmas presents wrapped in burlap

And finally, nothing more exciting than presenting our wrapped gifts in a beautiful jute cloth to give the impression to our guests that these gifts are handmade. This final touch will delight all of them.


More ideas ... you can write Christmas messages to each of your guests and wrap up these personal words with burlap. Jute Christmas stockings to fill them with gifts, candy, etc. But also ribbons, natural canvas to decorate the surface of your Christmas crib and once again highlight the authentic aspect of the celebration of the nativity. An original Christmas in a special atmosphere that only hessian can provide.

We trust that with this material, you will celebrate a different and rustic Christmas Eve, a natural touch that will delight the whole family. Turn your home into a special place and create an atmosphere of peace, surrounded by your loved ones on this special day.

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