Burlap for bio-construction


There are many environmental factors showing that we need to change attitude and focus on 100% natural building materials.

Deyute offers 213 gr / m2 jute fabric, 106 cm wide, commonly called hessian 40 ', 7 oz. It is generally used for construction and more specifically green building.

This jute hessian cloth of 7 oz has various applications: as bituminous jute fabric, for curing reinforced concrete and as a coating to prevent concrete cracks.


This reference is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, gardening, nursery crops, to protect trees and plants in winter, but also as a substitute for fiberglass and non-woven fabrics, as weel as for the manufacture of mattresses and carpets.

For more information, please contact us directly. This fabric is available on stock and can be delivered immediately.

This reference 40’, 7 oz comes in rolls of +/-  800 lm or in 40 'ctr.

Exceptional offer valid until 30/09/2016 0.55 € / lm.

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