Burlap feed sacks


Agricultural cooperatives frequently ask us burlap feed bags for the almond, olives, potatoes, cereals, fruit and vegetable harvest, or even to pick up waste, etc.

Our reusable green jute / sisal bags, cut at the top, are the optimal solution.

A way to save the environment!

These sacks, in perfect condition, are an ideal base material for storage of foodstuff or any other products and to protect goods from freezing, cold and sun.


Furthermore, they are very resistant and can support a load of 50 kg.

We have a large stock of used bags cut at the top, available at any time of the year.

To allow your company to save costs,  we offer you a very special price at 0,45 € / bag from 500 pieces.

An exceptional offer valid until 30/09/2016.