Jute fabric in 250gr/m2, 120cm width


Burlap 250 gr/m2, 120cm width

Warp and weft to form this jute fabric mainly used in decoration, gardening, footwear, construction, agricultural, automotive industries, containers for planting young trees, soil and erosion control, etc.

A jute hessian cloth, sometimes called raffia, in 120cm width and 250gr/m2, available in 100cm, 130cm and 200cm too. We keep this reference always in stock to offer you an ongoing and effective support. As direct manufacturer, we can produce any size and width to meet your specific requirements. In rolls of 25m, 50m, 100m or upon your request.

Several special finishing processes can be applied to our burlap to make it serviceable for particular end use: dyeing (min. 280gr/m2), carding, coating, printing, calendering, ironing, gluing, laminating, softening, stiffening, embroidery, folding, smoothing, antibacterial, antistatic, aromatisation, greasing process, wallpaper, wrapped and cut in 25cm width format.

Promoting environmental preservation is the aim of the company!

VAT included. Shipping cost not included.

Burlap is normally served in rolls. For quantity less than 10 metres and depending on references, instead of roll, jute fabric may be sent folded.

You can consult our terms and conditions of sale on the following link:  https://www.deyute.com/7/general-conditions-of-sale

Price 4'15/m

Quantity based price

1 - 24 m
4'87 €/m
25 - 25 m
4'15 €/m
Quantity x 4'15

TOTAL: 0'00


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