Ecological burlap in 200gr/m2, 100cm width


Burlap 200 gr/m2, 100cm width

Within our jute fabric range, this reference is usually used in areas such as: packaging, textiles, footwear, construction, agricultural, automotive industry, tablecloths, curtain, decoration, gardening, containers for planting young trees, soil and erosion control, etc...

This sackcloth in width 100cm and 200gr/m2 is always available in stock to provide you an efficient customer service. If you require a specific size, weight or width, as direct manufacturer, we can meet your request. This fabric is presented in rolls of 25m, 50m, 100m or of your choice.

For particular end use, various finishing processes can be applied to this burlap: dyeing (min. 280gr/m2), carding, coating, laminating, calendering, ironing, gluing, softening, stiffening, embroidery, folding, smoothing, antibacterial, antistatic, aromatisation, greasing process, wallpaper, wrapped and cut in 25cm width format.

With jute hessian cloth, a 100% ecological material, we renew our commitment to environmental protection.

VAT included. Shipping cost not included.

Burlap is normally served in rolls. For quantity less than 10 metres and depending on references, instead of roll, jute fabric may be sent folded.

You can consult our terms and conditions of sale on the following link:

Price 3'57/m

Quantity based price

1 - 24 m
3'88 €/m
25 - 25 m
3'57 €/m
Quantity x 3'57

TOTAL: 0'00


  • nuria - 08/04/2021 05:04

    magnifico, llego super rapido, y la tela es perfecta para forrar una pared

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