Dyed burlap

Brown Burlap 280gr/m2 145cm

Warp and weft in Brown,145cm - 280gr/m2.

Brown is a colour widely seen in nature, wood, soil, hair and eyes, skin pigmentation, etc. Culturally, it is often associated with autumn, humility, earth and nature. A large number of mammals and predatory birds has a brown coloration. This colour is likely related to camouflage, since the backdrop of some environments, such as the forest floor, is often brown. Brown has been a popular color for military uniforms.

Give a touch of colour to the natural and ecological

VAT included. Shipping cost not included.

Burlap is normally served in rolls. For quantity less than 10 metres and depending on references, instead of roll, jute fabric may be sent folded.

You can consult our terms and conditions of sale on the following link:  https://www.deyute.com/7/general-conditions-of-sale

Price 8'97/m

Quantity based price

1 - 24 m
9'76 €/m
25 - 25 m
8'97 €/m
Quantity x 8'97

TOTAL: 0'00


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