Jute Twines, Ropes and Cords

  • 08/09/2016

Are you looking for jute thread, string, twine, rope or cording? Here is our collection of useful strings, some ideas to enhance your decor! Our collection of jute twines, cotton strings or 2 fibres jute/cotton is available in different sizes. Our range of jute yarns is 100% natural and carefully produced by (...)

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Buy used jute bags to decorate your armchairs

  • 20/07/2016

Give a touch of personality to your old furniture and restore your sofas, armchairs, cushions, chairs, etc.   Deyute offers reusable bags, semi-new sisal sacks, second hand jute bags, cocoa and coffee used bags. Unleash your imagination and desires and make your inner home original by buying burlap or jute fabric. A (...)

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6 months at sea in a boat 100% jute!

  • 05/07/2016

Corentin Chatelperron is an unconventional adventurer. After inventing a boat in 100% natural fibre, he tested its creation during a fantastic trip in total autonomy! Born in 1983, Corentin designed the first boat composed of 100% jute composite where he spent six months on board in total autonomy, depending only on (...)

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Hessian carpets made of used burlap bags

  • 29/06/2016

It's a great idea to be eco-friendly, to use organic products and be able to recycle all we produce, avoiding petroleum based products so harmful for the planet. Deyute compromise is to offer natural and reused products. What better way to care for our planet? Jute material is known for all (...)

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Original cushion covered with burlap bags

  • 17/06/2016

To use reusable jute bags for decoration is always an original and respectful idea for the environment. There is a wide variety of options to beautify your home, but you must consider three aspects. If the bag is sewn in U or L. If the sack is single or double wrap. The logo of (...)

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