Why use eco-friendly packaging?

  • 04/08/2011

Nowadays, product packaging and goods for transport and sale generate huge amounts of waste that contaminate our planet. Some companies, aware of the problem, have chosen to pack their products with a less harmful material to the environment. However, there are still many items packed with non-eco-friendly materials, such (...)

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ecological presents

Getting married? Small wedding gifts

  • 19/07/2011

You get married? Have you thought about giving your guests a little present? Do you want to surprise them with something special? At Deyute we have the solution. Here you will find a wide range of bottle bags totally ecological, natural and biodegradable. You can dress up your bottles with (...)

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jute fabrics

New product section - jute fabrics

  • 11/07/2011

We release a new product! Jute fabrics Here you can find some of our jute fabrics. Treated with great care from birth until they are made available to our customers, we can say they are of excellent quality. Jute fabrics has always been used in many areas such as footwear (...)

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Tips for becoming green

  • 06/07/2011

At DEYUTE we support people who want to go green. Here are some tips: 1 Use energy-saving light bulbs. 2 Recycle waste products. 3 Switch the lights off before you leave a room. 4 Unplug appliances and other electrical devices. Do not leave appliances on standby. 5 Take advantage of the natural sunlight. 6 Choose eco-friendly (...)

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Welcome to the website of Deyute

  • 29/06/2011

First of all, we want to thank everyone who made this project possible: employees, web designers, photographers, managers, suppliers and, of course, all our customers. Thank you all to get actively involved in a so special way. From this page, we want to invite all people who believe in the (...)

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